Food is the only thing that truly nourishes and connects us. 

My mother was sent to a re-education camp at the age of fifteen in North-eastern China during the Cultural Revolution. The living conditions there were brutal and food scarce; she befriended a local Korean girl working in the same camp, and learned how to make kimchi with her family. With so few resources, kimchi probably saved her life. My mother took this knowledge and gratitude with her and later passed it on to me. Fermentation and pickling became a family tradition, an integral part of my upbringing.

Born in China in the 80s, my earliest and the most profound childhood memories revolve around the taste and smell of soy sauce and sugar cane lollipops. At the age of 5, I made my first pickle with the radishes from my grandparents’ garden and soy sauce .

When I first arrived in Luxembourg, probiotic products were almost unheard of and hardly available. For me, these are daily essentials that form part of a healthy lifestyle and diet, and I experienced this gap in the market on a very personal level.

So when my last contract in banking ended, The Happy Guts’ Company was conceived. With love, care, passion and savoir-faire from generations of experience with wild fermentation at home, a range of probiotic food and drinks were created by using only the top quality organic ingredients in hope of making Luxembourg bubble.